Christmas Trees


All Christmas tree species are available in different grades:

Premium and #1: USDA Grade Premium and #1 trees. Expertly sheared, perfectly cone-shaped, bottom pruned and stand ready. These are the finest trees you’ll find. Pines are mechanically shaken. Sold in one foot increments and always 4’’ taller than stated.

Victorian: Hearken back to Colonial Days with these lightly sheared, more open trees. Available in Balsam and Fraser fir. Sturdy branches and lots of open space make these trees ideal for your ornament-loving customers. Sold in two foot increments.

Promotional: Trees with some weaknesses but receiving the same meticulous care as our higher priced trees. Expertly sheared, perfectly cone-shaped, bottom pruned and stand ready. When decorated, minor flaws are unnoticeable. Pines are mechanically shaken. Sold in four size ranges and always 4’’ taller than stated.

Economy: Trees that do not meet the tough standards for our top two grades. These are marketable trees at rock-bottom prices, allowing you to have a tree for every pocketbook.

The Finer Points –


Oversized: All of our Christmas trees are measured 4” taller than stated. Our generous sizing means tremendous VALUE for you. For example, 7-8′ trees    are measured to be 7’4″ to 8’4″ in height.

Bottom-Pruned: All trees are stand-ready for your customer.

Mechanically Shaken: All pines shaken to remove dead needles and debris giving a nice clean product to display and sell.


Christmas Trees we offer:


Table Top Trees:
Assorted species and grades. Every retailer should buy some of these. You’ll be amazed at the number you will sell. 2 1/2-4’ (Actually 2’10″-4’4”) 

The boughs we prune from the bottom of our trees to create stand ready Christmas trees make premium materials for wreaths, roping, swags, etc. Perfect for decorating, filling planters, pots, etc….May also be used for wreaths, swags and garland. These branches have somewhat thicker stems than branches cut from forest trees. Sold by the pound–three different options:

1. You may come and pick up the boughs we have cut from the bottom of our Christmas trees. By far the lowest priced boughs! The boughs are cut and laying along our harvest roads. Just load up and go!

2. Bundled in bales that weigh about 25 pounds. Sold only in conjunction with a Christmas tree order.

3. Bough trees: we have some trees that cannot be sold as Christmas trees due to broken tips, double trunks or other issues.

Large Trees:

These are large, sheared trees for cathedral ceilings, churches or commercial establishments. True specimens – you will not find trees like these anywhere else!