About Us – Retail


When Dan Hanauer, Sr. graduated from the University of Wisconsin with his bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Botany and Horticulture in 1957, he did not envision starting a Christmas Tree Farm.  However, in 1966 he and Veronica planted some scotch pine Christmas trees on land acquired for a future home site and Hanauer’s Tree Farms was born.

Through the years, all six Hanauer children and Dan Sr. and Veronica labored over the trees.  Countless hours shearing in the hot sun, mowing, fertilizing and doing all the other cultural tasks resulted in the first trees being ready for market in 1977.  These trees were sold retail adjacent to a clothing store the Hanauer’s owned and operated.

Like trees, children eventually grow up.  The original plot of trees had been “given” to the two eldest boys Dan Jr. and Dave Hanauer, with the caveat that they were to do all the work and retain the profits for college expenses.  When Dan Jr. and Dave both earned scholarships to the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, the tree money was not needed for college and the decision was made to invest it in additional tree farms.

As time went on, Dan Jr. completed his active-duty obligation to the U.S. Army, transitioned to the U.S. Army Reserve and joined Dan Sr. and Veronica full time on the Christmas Tree Farm.  Dave and the other Hanauer children all went on to other careers.

Over the years, our commitment to growing the finest trees has led to many awards, including twice winning the Wisconsin Grand Champion Christmas tree.

Presenting Christmas trees to Wisconsin Governors Thompson and Doyle


Hanauer’s Tree Farms, LLP has grown to become a 500 acre plus operation.

We believe in specialized diversity – we specialize in evergreens but within that context we offer the most diverse mix of carefully selected species, varieties and cultivars.  Our trees are available as cut Christmas trees and balled and burlapped.  We produce the finest trees for the most demanding customers, period.

Dan Jr. and Julie Hanauer, together with Dan Sr. and Veronica have donated trees to Trees For Troops, every year since its inception.

We sell to the top independent garden centers and other quality conscious buyers throughout the United States and Canada. We do not mass produce for the big box stores.   


Dan Jr. and Julie’s children, Jack and Sophie, are the newest members of our tree growing family.  Will they take Hanauer’s Tree Farms into its third generation?  Stay Tuned!