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Do you need a Christmas tree for your home? You can cut your own or visit our retail lot with pre-cut trees. When Spring comes, do you want to skip the “middle man” and plant your own container trees?


Cut Your Own Christmas Trees           

Bring the kids, bring the grandparents, bring the dog and join us in this timeless family tradition!  Cut Your Own Christmas Tree: Balsam and Fraser fir; White Pine, Colorado Blue, Black Hills and other spruce. Trees up to 12 feet tall. We offer traditionally sheared Christmas trees as well as lightly-sheared, more natural looking Victorian Balsam and Fraser for a more old-fashioned look.



Retail Christmas Tree Lot                    

Our retail Christmas tree lot is not open at this time … please see “Cut Your Own” instead. Thanks!


Plant Your Own” Trees              

Do you want to skip the “middle man” and plant your own container trees? Hanauer’s hardy, northern grown stock is for you. Our decades of experience growing trees and advanced shearing techniques, fertilization, and weed control produce a superior plant that will appeal to the most demanding landscape customer.



Our Cut Your Own farm opens on Green Friday, November 29th at 9 am!

See our ad below for dates and other information.