About “Plant Your Own” Trees

“Plant Your Own” Trees

Hanauer’s Tree Farms


Buy DIRECTLY from the grower-no middle man!

Who: Anybody looking to buy high quality LOCALLY GROWN potted landscaping trees.

What:   Hanauer’s Tree Farms hosts its annual “Plant Your Own” tree sale! This is YOUR opportunity to choose from thousands of lightweight container trees without the middle man. Many species available: Spruce, Fir, Pine, Arborvitae, Juniper, Birchw and others.


When:    2018 Dates:   Our “Plant Your Own” container tree sale is over for 2018.                               

                                   Other times by appointment only.


Arbor Vitae (Cedar)

Perfect for hedges or foundation plantings.



Economy trees, various sizes: 

Pot size #1 (approx. 1 ft tall) 

Pot size #3 (approx. 2 ft tall) 

 Pot size #5 (approx. 3 ft tall) 

Pot size #7 (approx. 4 ft tall) 

Pot size #10 (approx. 5 ft tall) 


Please note:

  1. Pot size means approximate number of gallons volume for pot. For example, a #3 pot is approximately 3 gallons.


  1. Tree height is the height of the plant above the pot. Sizes listed are approximate and vary by tree species, weather in the growing season and other natural factors.


  1. Plants are not warrantied for survival or suitability.




Where:: Our “Plant Your Own” tree sale is located at W7816 Broadway Road, just North of Shawano.

Services: Porta-Potty on site.