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Hanauer’s Tree Farms is an award-winning grower of Christmas trees. We specialize in selling wholesale trees, specifically evergreens. Within that we offer a diverse line up of carefully selected species and cultivars available in Christmas trees and B&B. We do not mass product for the Big Box stores. We simply produce the finest trees for the most demanding customers-period.

WE ARE FULL-TIME TREE GROWERS with degrees in horticulture from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. WHO you buy from can be just as important as WHAT you buy..

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Christmas Trees

Above all else, we know proper shearing is of the highest importance. Everything else can be done right, but if a tree is sheared wrong it is ruined or becomes a lower grade. We shear with state-of-the-art power equipment instead of simply using a knife, which results in a perfectly cone shaped, full tree with even distribution of branches.


Balled in Burlap

Hardy, northern grown stock. Our decades of experience growing trees and advanced shearing techniques, fertilization, and weed control produce a superior plant that will appeal to the most demanding landscape customer.